CEO of Newsom’s Secret Spending Non-Profit

Hedayat, Ali-Yashar Hedayat-@yashar-Yashar Ali Hedayat - Copy

According to CitiReport, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom, the leading candidate in November’s gubernatorial race, “has a nonprofit that can accept contributions that exceed political contributions limits and that can keep from public view how it is spending its funds.”

The Lieutenant Governor’s Host Committee is the name of this nonprofit.

The CEO of this secret spending nonprofit, is a man who doesn’t pay his own rent and other obligations, ergo he is frequently sued.

The CEO is none other than “journalist” (cough) @Yashar Ali Hedayat.

The Secretary is Jason Kinney who also serves as Newsom’s a senior strategist.

The Chief Financial Officer is Peter Ragone who has a history of deceptive blogging and according to SFGate “has worked for some of the biggest names in Democratic politics.”